Treatments for well-being performed in the “water flotation bed”.
A weightless feeling combines with the efficacy of heat to liberate the spinal column and relax the musculature. Each Thermo-Spa application includes a full-body peeling.

Vitamin pure

Anti-aging for your body!
Free your skin from dead skin cells and immerse it in vitamins, which gives your skin elasticity and softness.

50 min. | € 69,00

Silk and velvet body packing

Quench your skin’s thirst with this extraordinary cream packing. The main component is a special extract of the mirual alga which regulates the skin’s protective sheath and binds in moisture. This packing delivers elasticity and suppleness to your skin, with its composition of phosholipids, vitamins and oils of wheat germ, sesame and olive.

50 min. | € 65,00

Stubai meadow flower package

The ultimate wellness treatment, using individually customized essential oils. Depending on the selection of oils, the treatment helps you to relax or revitalizes you. Targets water and cellulite deposits, and leaves a wonderful feeling throughout the entire body.

25 min. | € 42,00

Cellulite ade

Special packing for the problem areas of the stomach, legs and bottom. It drains, flattens, and tightens the body contours and skin with noticeable restuls from the first treatment.

1 treatment 50 min. | € 69,00
3 treatments à 50 in. | € 189,00

Overview of treatments