Allow us to delight you by experiencing this wonderful world of wellness. The rituals contribute to a complete harmony of body, mind and soul and help to activate and restore energy flows.

Back relaxation

Ideal for tensions of the back and the neck. A warm package relaxes the musculature, the intensive massage resolves tensions.

50 min. | € 59,00

Cellulite Removal

Special packing for the problem areas of the stomach, legs and bottom. It drains, flattens, and tightens the body contours and skin with noticeable results from the first treatment.

1 treatment 50 min. | € 52,00
3 treatmens of 50 min. | € 145,00

Ear candling treatment

An Indian relaxation ritual, soothing and comforting. Recommended for ear, forehead and sinus problems.

25 min. | € 32,00

Hot Stone Massage

A massage using warm Basal stones. Ideal for regenerationg energy levels.

25 min. | € 35,00
50 min. | € 55,00

Lomi Lomi Nui

Lomi means “pushing, kneading and rubbing” and Nui stands for something extraordinary, something special – exactly like this massage. This Hawaiian temple massage is a mixture of ritual and body action. The goal is to reclaim and revitalise people.

80 min. | € 97,00

Overview of treatments