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Our massages

Reduce stress hormones, release tensions, and clear your mind

Enjoy soothing and highly relaxing massage treatments in our vitality area. It is proven that massages reduce stress hormones and stimulate the release of endorphins - the body’s natural feel-good hormones. Tensions of psychic and physical origin are released, the mind is cleared, and the energy can flow again.

Classical massage

The primary goal of a classical massage is to increase blood circulation. This goes hand in hand with improved nutrition and purification of the tissues - starting with a single cell, thereby affecting the whole organism. The trained masseur can use special grips to loosen tense muscle groups and strengthen weak muscles.

Full body massage | 50 min |  €69.00

Partial body massage | 25 min | €45.00

Individual massage

Tailor-made and unique like you. You have the choice: just the back, just the legs, just the shoulders, just the arms, just the stomach, just the head, or the whole body. Whether strong and intensive or gentle and harmonising - our therapists will be happy to perform the massage according to your personal wishes. Book your appointment according to your individual requirements and discuss the desired focus of your treatment with our therapists

50 min | €75.00

25 min | €47.00

Neck and head wellness massage

The ideal treatment to clear your mind and switch to holiday mood.

25 min | €45.00

Herbal stamp massage

The soothing herbal stamp massage, which is performed exclusively with hand-picked high mountain and alpine herbs, relieves painful tensions, detoxifies the body, and strengthens the tissue.

50 min | €75.00

Aromatic oil massage

Gentle strokes or deeply applied pressure. Tailored to your individual needs and in combination with highly effective precious oils, this massage gives a feeling of well-being, harmonises, and soothes.

50 min | €75.00

Facial massage

Revitalising and draining massage for face, neck, and décolleté

25 min | €45.00

Stubai high alpine massage

A soothing massage that is especially suitable for sore joints and muscles. Using the purest Tyrolean marble oil, which has a particularly vitalising effect with its natural anti-inflammatory and cell-regenerating active ingredients.

25 min | €45.00

50 min | €85.00

Dorn & Breuss

Gentle adjustment of the spinal column according to Dorn, combined with the Breuss massage to release mental and physical tensions, and blockages.

50 min | €85.00

Sports massage

A massage that has a beneficial effect on the muscles both before and after exercise. At the end, a tonic provides new elasticity and vitality to the skin.

25 min | €47.00

50 min | €75.00

Bronchial treatment

With this well-tried treatment, the bronchia will be opened and the lungs and the immune system will be invigorated with help of beeswax pads.

50 min | €69.00

Lymphatic drainage

Relaxes and drains – ideal for tired, heavy legs or lacrimal sacks, and swollen eyes. It promotes detoxification and drainage of the body and is therefore also suitable for modelling the silhouette.

Full body  drainage  | 50 min | €69.00

Partial body drainage | 25 min | €45.00

Facial drainage | 25 min | €45.00

Foot reflexology massage

The entire organism is activated; the foot is known as the mirror of our bodies. The therapist recognises possible problems in changed tissue and stimulates self-healing of the affected region through the massage.

25 min | €49.00

50 min | €77.00

Combination massage

Partial massage (back or legs) with subsequent foot reflexology massage

50 min | €75.00

Kid’s massage for children up to 12 years

Massage for the little ones. With a light aroma and a gentle massage, even children's tensions will be nothing but a distant memory. Mum or dad may be present during the treatment.

25 min | €30.00

Swiss stone pine massage

Pine wood is known to lower the heart rate and support relaxation. This effect is intensified in connection with the stone pine massage oil. Thanks to the antibacterial effect, the stone pine massage can also ensure a healthy complexion. The wooden sticks are used in different sizes and can therefore adapt particularly well to the different body structures. With this type of massage, the stone pine is stroked, rolled or vibrated over the body in rhythmic movements of varying intensity.

50 min | 75,00 €

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