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Wellness for the body

Let yourself be carried away into the wonderful world of well-being

These rituals help to achieve complete harmony of body, mind, and soul, and to activate and restore the body’s energy flow.

Back relaxation

Ideal for tensions of the back and the neck. A warm package relaxes the muscles, the intensive massage dissolves tensions.

50 min | €75.00

Alpine mud pack

A relaxing and soothing back treatment for muscles and joints.

25 min | €35.00

Hot stone massage

A soothing treatment consisting of massage and energy work. With warm basalt stones the blood circulation and metabolism are stimulated and the energy flow is brought back into balance. You will feel free and strengthened.

25 min | €49.00

50 min | €85.00

Ear candling treatment

An Indian relaxation ceremony, soothing and calming. Recommended for problems in the ear, forehead, and sinus area.

25 min | €45.00

Lomi Lomi Nui

Lomi means “pushing, kneading, and rubbing” and Nui stands for something extraordinary, something special - exactly like this massage. The Hawaiian temple massage is a mixture of ritual and bodywork that conveys a unique sense of well-being. The aim of this loving massage is to regenerate, revitalise, and bring people back into harmony with themselves and their surroundings.

80 min | €105.00

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