Beauty facials

Enjoy with us an intensively relaxing experience using effective component cosmetics and products. A short intensive treatment, a regenerative medical beauty procedure or a high class beauty experience are all available. As well as our medical cosmetic knowledge, we also use the latst technologies available for apparatus supported treatments. This makes your skincare a luxurious experience, the impact of which you will see and feel immediately. With this analysis of your beauty requirements it is also possible to formulate a tailor made programme for care and treatment at home

Babor de luxe

This lifting and luxury treatment is a fountain of youth! The skin will be revitalised, activated and provided with moisture. Anti-aging active components smooth existing wrinkles. A special eye treatment is decongesting and provides a fresh and young look. The relaxing hand care with peeling and packing completes the indulgence programme. The result is regeneration a fresh charisma and a younger look!

110 min. | € 139,00

Babor Skinovage - the idividual treatment

This is a treatment especially tailored for your skin type. It offers you professional beauty care and effective pleasant massage. Effective massage techniques stimulate the whole body allowing active components to be absorbed more readily by the skin. Also the body’s own energy cycles will be brought into perfect balance. The result produces inner harmony and shining beauty.

80 min. | € 109,00

Short facial / without peeling | 50 min. | € 69,00

Babor ampule - the moisture treatment

The quick fix and transformer of your skin. A well moisturized skin radiates vitality making it receptive to all skin products. Feel the outstanding impact when up to 5 active component ampules are incorporated into your skin. Ampules are quick acting and absorb especially well with no residue and therefor produce an effective and immediate result. Your skin was never fresher, tighter or more radiant.

35 min. | € 55,00

Babor men - the energy treatment

For a fresh, vital looking and perfect masculine skin. This beneficial treatment boasts the skin’s natural resilience and reduces the visible signs of stress. It also regenerates the natural regeneration of your skin and strengthens your natural skin protection functions and cell regernation. Another benefit is the stabilisation of the moisture conent of the skin cells. The success of this treatment is immediately visible.

50 min. | € 74,00
80 min. | € 94,00

Visual focus eyes

Let your eyes shine brightly! Soothes and reduces the swelling of the eyelids, refreshes, stimulates and release tension of the eye area. A treatment with eye serum and soft pressure point massage, tightened eye pads, closing care.

30 min. | € 45,00
during the face treatment | € 35,00

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