A sensitive touch for the body, mind and soul.
Beneficial and highly relaxing massage applications in our Vitality Department. It has been demonstrated that massage can break down stress hormones and stimulate the release of endorphins, the natural hormones of well-being. Physical and mental tensions dissolve, liberating the head and restoring the flow of energy.

Classical Massage

The primary goal of classic massage is an increase in circulation. Starting with a single cell, thereby affecting the whole organism. A therapist can both relax tense muscle groups and also stregthen weak muscles using special massage grips.

Full body massage | 50 min. | € 54,00
Part body massage | 25 min. | € 34,00

Head neck massage

The ideal therapy to clear the mind and get you in the mood for your holiday.

25 min. | € 37,00

Alpine Herb Massage

the pleasant alpine Herb stamp massage uses hand picked high mountain and meadow herbs. Especially beneficial in dissolving aching and hardening and scoriaceous of the skin.

50 min. | € 61,00

Aromatic Oils Massage

A massage using precious aromatic oils which aid stimulation detoxification and relaxation of the system. Also ideal for combating colds.

50 min. | € 57,00

Stubaier high alpine massage

A massage which is especially suitable for sore joints and muscles. Using a special alpine oil.

25 min. | € 37,00
50 min. | € 57,00

Dorn & Breuss

Breuss massage is a fine massage for the back which helps dissolve body and mental tensions and aids regeneration of vertebral discs. It is the ideal preparation for subsequent adjustment of the spinal column using the Dorn method.

50 min. | € 67,00

Sports Massage

The ideal massage after any athletic activity soothing aching arms and legs.

25 min. | € 37,00

Bronchial Treatment

With this well-tried method of treatment the bronchia will be opened and the lungs and the immune system will be invigorated with help of bees wax pads.

45 min. | € 51,00

Combi massage

Part body massage (back or legs) followed by reflexology.

50 min. | € 54,00

Reflexology Massage

The foot is known as the mirror of our bodies. The therapist diagnoses any possible tissue changes and activates self healing of the affected area with massage.

25 min. | € 34,00
45 min. | € 54,00

Lymph Drainage

Tighlens and drains – ideal for tired heavy legs and swollen eyes

Full body massage | 50 min. | € 54,00
Part body massage | 25 min. | € 34,00
Face | 25 min. | € 34,00

Facial Massage

Relaxing massage for the face, neck and throat area.

25 min. | € 39,00

Children massage

Especially for children and teenagers comfortable full body massage.

25 min. | € 28,00

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